This page gives families information about the variety of ways we support our children with special educational needs (SEN) to enable them to achieve their full potential. We provide a full range of educational and pastoral support to all and our aim is that children with SEN make very good progress.

The information here is general; each child is an individual and will receive unique provision and resources where necessary.

If you would like further information, or want to discuss anything, please contact our SEND Coordinator by email at  or on 414 2557.

There are a number of reasons why a child may be identified as having SEN:

  • They are having significant difficulty with their learning and making far less progress than would be expected
  • They have a specific learning difficulty, for example dyslexia
  • They have emotional or mental health difficulties
  • They have difficulties with social communication and interaction
  • They have sensory and/or physical needs, for example a hearing impairment.


For all children at WWLC Primary School who have an additional need we:

  • Recognise that the family is the expert on their child and we work in partnership with them
  • Deliver high quality teaching, adapting the curriculum and our resources to ensure children can access the learning.
  • Employ a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) to lead on SEN provision across the school
  • Assess and review the learning of our SEN children, using that information to inform future planning and teaching.
  • Provide Teaching Assistants (TAs) in class who work with SEN children and support other children so that the teacher has more opportunities to work with the SEN children.
  • Have opportunities for regular meetings for TAs with the SEND Co, class teacher and external agencies to review children, interventions and resources and to adapt provision where necessary.
  • Formally support our families with children with SEN through review meetings. We also strive to create an ethos where families feel that they can approach us at any time they need advice or support. Families are also advised of other services and organisations which may offer further advice and support. We have a Family Support Worker is also there to offer support.
  • Seek advice from outside agencies to ensure each child’s needs are fully identified and understood and to learn from specialists how best to support our SEN children. Our school works closely with other services such as Educational Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and the Behaviour Support Service to ensure we are providing the highest level of support possible for our pupils.
  • Evaluate intervention groups and strategies on a termly basis.
  • Regularly evaluate our teaching resources to ensure they are accessible to all SEN children.
  • Ensure our school activities and trips, as far as is possible, are accessible to all our SEN children.
  • Hold an annual review for children with a Single Plan (EHCP). Progress for all children with SEN will be reviewed at our termly parents’ evenings.
  • Provide on-going SEN training and information for teachers and TAs.
  • Take steps to ensure that any transition at any stage can be as smooth as possible with a personal transition plan.
  • Liaise closely with secondary schools at transition times to ensure SEN pupil information is clearly communicated and recommendations heard so that the move to secondary school is as smooth as possible.


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