Tolerance and mutual respect underpin everything we do here at West Lane, and our wonderful RE co-ordinator, Miss Grayson, creates wonderful learning opportunities for us to discover more about different faiths and beliefs in a multi-cultural UK and around the world.

RE Overview

Purpose of study

At West Lane Primary we follow the agreed LA syllabus for RE and recognise the variety of religious and non-religious families from which our pupils come. We welcome and celebrate this diversity, are sensitive to the home background of each child and work to ensure that all pupils feel and are included in our RE programme. We recognise the importance of pupils’ all-round personal development and the leading role that RE plays in contributing to the spiritual, moral social and cultural elements in particular. We affirm the equality of importance of the twin aims of RE as expressed in the agreed syllabus and teach to these in a balanced way, ensuring that the ‘affective’ dimension of RE is addressed.


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