Year 5 Birch and Lime

Miss Critchlow and Mrs Young

Welcome to Year 5!

Miss Critchlow and Mrs Young are our Year 5 teachers, and they are supported by Miss Roddam. Miss Critchlow teaches Year 5 Birch and Mrs Young teaches Year 5 Lime.

Information about what Year 5 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section.

Topic Webs…

To see what your child will be learning about this Autumn term, please check out our individual year group ‘Topic Webs’ in the links on this page…

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Winlaton West Lane’s Got Talent!

Wow! What amazing (and diverse) talent we have here in our lovely school! From comedians, dancers, painters, writers, miming artists, singers, gifted sportsmen and creative writers – our children showed off their individuality, skills and confidence in some stunning performances at our whole school talent show this week!

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Sports Day fun at West lane!

This week, we enjoyed some amazing sports days / mini sports days at West Lane! Despite the inclement weather – with support from young sports leaders from Thorp Academy and Gateshead School Sports Partenrship – Key Stage 2 pupils enjoyed participating in a variety of team work, competitive and problem solving activities on our fabulous school playing field and it was great to see the parents and teachers getting involved too! Check out our video of our sprinting teachers! Key Stage 1 pupils then enjoyed a mini-sports day on Thursday…

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Year 6 search for Chen!

Something terrible has happened… Chen McMaths has disappeared! We became suspicious when he did not make an appearance in paper 2 or 3 reasoning in the 2018 KS2 SATs. We were all devastated. So…this week, the Winlaton West Lane Police Department (WWLPD) completed a full investigation of the crime scene to observe and make notes of the clues…

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Year 5 explore gravity and meteorites…

In science, we have been exploring the force of gravity. We completed an experiment to investigate how the weight of an object effects the gravitational force.  As scientists, we created our on example of Earth and dropped meteorites from the sky.

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Exciting eruptions in Year 5!

Some exciting eruptions have been happening in year 5! As part of our topic, ‘Exciting Explorers’, we have been looking at where volcanos are located, how volcanos are formed and what they are made of. We wanted to investigate the question ‘How do volcanos erupt?’

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May the force be with you!

May the force be with you! In science this week, Year 5 have been exploring the force of friction. We learnt how forcemeters can used to measure forces acting upon objects and that the unit of measure is Newtons…

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Year 5 test out some ‘egg-cellent’ air resistance!

Some ‘Egg-cellent’ air resistance investigated by Year Five! As part of our science topic on forces, we were asked the question: how does a parachute work? We learnt that parachutes are effective because of air resistance and gravity. To test this, we were given different materials, and had the challenge of protecting an egg by creating our own parachutes to explore the effects of air resistance. 

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West Lane Run for Fun!

On Friday 25th May almost 400 of us (!) went to Saltwell Park, to participate in the annual ‘Gateshead Schools Fun Run’ event. We arrived by coach and when we got there we enjoyed warming up with the Metro Gnomes!

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