Year 5

Y5 Birch - Mrs Young and Y5 Lime - Mrs Regan, supported by Mrs Richardson and Miss Edgar
Year 5 Topic Web

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Young and Mrs Regan are our Year 5 teachers and they are supported by Mrs Richardson and Miss Edgar. Mrs Young teaches Year 5 Birch and Mrs Regan teaches Year 5 Lime.

Information about what Year 5 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section.

TT Rock Star Day

Look at some of our cool rock stars! We had a fantastic day bringing our TT Rock Stars to life! Congratulations to all of our times table champions.

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Whitby Day 2

Before our full English breakfast, we packed up our rooms and made sure we were dressed for the day. After breakfast, we walked down the 199 steps towards the pier for our boat ride. We boarded the Summer Queen and sailed out into North Sea to take in the sights of...

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Whitby Day 1

On Monday 29th April, Year 5 took the long 2 hour journey by coach to Whitby. After learning about Dracula, we were lucky enough to be stopping right by the Abbey he was said to appear. When we arrived, we explored the wonderful YHA garden: we played hide and seek and...

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Spelling Bee

1st May, the children readied themselves for he ultimate challenge: Spelling competition at Dryden. They were against 9 other schools and all used their resilience, commitment, teamwork and of course, knowledge of spellings. We didn’t win but we came so close the...

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Super Science Investigations

In Science, Year Five investigated reversible and irreversible changes and how we can change states throw separating materials. The children mixed solids and liquids together, then, through sieving, filtering and even evaporation, they were able to separate the...

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Year Five Mini Olympics

As part of our History topic, we have been studying the ancient Greeks and how they influenced our modern world. Using sources, artefacts and research, we discovered that many inventions and stories have been passed down for generations and inspired modern day lives....

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Year 5 create Greek vases!

During our Greek topic, Year 5 have been creating vases. We began by using paper and glue to create a structure around a balloon. After the structure had set, we painted the vase a colour of our choice. As the Greeks often decorated their vases with a story, we chose...

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Year 5 Greek Day

Wow! Year 5 really impressed with their wonderful Greek costumes on our Greek Day. As we had just completed our myth based on Hercules, we enjoyed watching the film. After this, we created drama performances based on our Hercules myths. In the afternoon, we enjoyed...

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What a Wonderful World Book Day!

Here at West Lane, we love book all year round and we love reading EVERY day, not just World Book Day! However, this special celebration of stories is a great chance to share our favourite stories and ideas with our friends and share the buzz about books that we have...

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Calling all Creative Writers!

Are you an aspiring author? Do you have an incredible idea for a gripping narrative? Do you really just love writing stories? Well, this is your invitation to a wide world of imagination: enter the 500 Words competition by following this link!  What is 500 Words? The...

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5 a side champions!

Our fantastic football team have impressed us once again by becoming the Blaydon and District 5 a side champs! Our team now progress onto the Durham County 5 a side semi final.

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West Lane Remember Them…

In the week leading up to Remembrance, our whole school participated in a remembrance project – where pupils decorated Winlaton community with pebbles (carefully designed and decorated by the children themselves, with the names of soldiers from World War 1 and 2) for residents to find!

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