Year 4

Y4 Beech - Miss Bell and Y4 Aspen - Miss Sergison, with support from Mrs Singh
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Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Bell and Miss Sergison are our Year 4 teachers, and they are supported by Mrs Singh. Miss Bell teaches Year 4 Beech and Miss Sergison teaches Year 4 Aspen.

Information about what Year 4 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section.

Year 4 Egyptian Cinderella

Year 4 have been left some mysterious objects as clues to our new literacy, Egyptian Cinderella. We had great fun using our inference and prediction skills to work out who the objects might belong to and where they'd come from.

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Year Four’s Race for Life accomplishment

Our children really inspired us and did West Lane proud this year for Sports Day! Every single Year Four took part in the Race for Life and completed the 8 laps around our field. Some found it relatively easy, some found it challenging but we all persevered and...

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What a week for Year Four Aspen And Beech!

To start off the week, our children, in Maths, DREW ON THE TABLES! We were collecting data; don’t panic! They all managed to create their own bar/ line chart and started writing statements based on what they retrieved from the data information. Some of their...

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TT Rock Star Day

Look at some of our cool rock stars! We had a fantastic day bringing our TT Rock Stars to life! Congratulations to all of our times table champions.

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Spelling Bee

1st May, the children readied themselves for he ultimate challenge: Spelling competition at Dryden. They were against 9 other schools and all used their resilience, commitment, teamwork and of course, knowledge of spellings. We didn’t win but we came so close the...

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What a Wonderful World Book Day!

Here at West Lane, we love book all year round and we love reading EVERY day, not just World Book Day! However, this special celebration of stories is a great chance to share our favourite stories and ideas with our friends and share the buzz about books that we have...

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Calling all Creative Writers!

Are you an aspiring author? Do you have an incredible idea for a gripping narrative? Do you really just love writing stories? Well, this is your invitation to a wide world of imagination: enter the 500 Words competition by following this link!  What is 500 Words? The...

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Creative Christingles in Year Four Aspen.

This week, as part of our RE topic of Christianity, we made Christingles. Christingles are used in church, normally around advent, to celebrate Christmas. However, some churches use Christingles 40 days after Christmas (around 2nd February) when Jesus was presented at...

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Year 4 Aspen become detectives!

This week in literacy, we had a special delivery. We received a box of evidence, which told us an incredible story, we had to use our imagination to try and infer what the story could be about. We had some really creative and imaginative ideas, and made lots of...

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Year 4 ‘choose’ to explore different religions…RESPECT!

As part of our whole school ‘Faith’ and ‘Anti-Bullying’ week (during our RE lesson with Miss Westgarth last week), Year 4 explored the word ‘RESPECT’ – looking carefully at the word CHOICE as an acronym for the letter ‘C’ (representing this an individual’s ‘choice’ and freedom to follow their own religious belief or faith).

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