Y2 Poplar - Mrs Traynor and Y2 Elder - Mrs Ainsley, with support from Mrs Herworth and Mrs Gardner
Year 2 Topic Web

Welcome to Year 2!

MRs Traynor and Mrs Ainsley are our Year 2 teachers and they are supported by Mrs Herworth and Mrs Gardner. Mrs Ainsley teaches Year 2 Elder and Mrs Traynor teaches Year 2 Poplar.

Information about what Year 2 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section and under the Topic link above..

Topic Webs…

To see what your child will be learning about this Autumn term, please check out our individual year group ‘Topic Webs’ in the links on this page…

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Winlaton West Lane’s Got Talent!

Wow! What amazing (and diverse) talent we have here in our lovely school! From comedians, dancers, painters, writers, miming artists, singers, gifted sportsmen and creative writers – our children showed off their individuality, skills and confidence in some stunning performances at our whole school talent show this week!

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Sports Day fun at West lane!

This week, we enjoyed some amazing sports days / mini sports days at West Lane! Despite the inclement weather – with support from young sports leaders from Thorp Academy and Gateshead School Sports Partenrship – Key Stage 2 pupils enjoyed participating in a variety of team work, competitive and problem solving activities on our fabulous school playing field and it was great to see the parents and teachers getting involved too! Check out our video of our sprinting teachers! Key Stage 1 pupils then enjoyed a mini-sports day on Thursday…

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Year 2 take a ‘fishy’ trip…

This week, Year 2 had a glorious, sun-filled and action-packed trip to ‘The Blue Reef Aquarium’ in Tynemouth! This visit linked many areas of our learning this term; Science – where we have been learning about habitats; Literacy – where we have been writing our own diary extracts as animals from our ‘Flotsam’ text and Reading skills – where we have been using ‘coastal’ themed non-chronological reports to practise our VIPERS skills of vocabulary, inference and information retrieval…

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Year 2 hunt for verbs with Flotsam!

In literacy, Year 2 have been inspired in their writing by a fabulous, colourful and wordless text ‘Flotsam’, compiled by David Wiesner – who received the Caldecott medal three times and two Calecott honours for his literary work! 

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Year 2 maths symmetry

In our math’s lessons in Year 2, we have been learning all about symmetry and how to find this within different shapes. Last week, we applied what we had learnt by sorting unusual shapes seen in everyday objects – to investigate whether irregular shapes have lines of symmetry too.

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Year 2 ‘debug’ Caterpillars Colin and Jeff!

In Computing this half-term, Year 2 have been developing their programming skills with Miss Westgarth: learning what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital
devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions. Year 2 have also been learning how to create and debug simple programs – using our fabulous school ‘robot caterpillars’ (whom pupils have named Colin and Jeff!)…

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West Lane Run for Fun!

On Friday 25th May almost 400 of us (!) went to Saltwell Park, to participate in the annual ‘Gateshead Schools Fun Run’ event. We arrived by coach and when we got there we enjoyed warming up with the Metro Gnomes!

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Year 2 scientists search for seeds!

This week in Science, Year 2 have been ‘investigating’ different types of seeds – comparing their different shapes, sizes and textures (using scientific vocabulary), as well as learning about what type of plant / fruit they might have come from / grow into and how the seeds themselves are dispersed…

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Father Tom leaves us…

We have been very fortunate to have had such a close relationship with our local church, so this week’s assembly was a particularly sad occasion for our school – as it was Father’s Tom leaving assembly. 

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