Y1 Chestnut - Ms Greaves and Y1 Holly - Miss Summers with support from Mrs Sowerby and Mrs Bullock
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Welcome to Year 1!

Ms Greaves and Miss Summers are our Year 1 teachers and they are supported by Miss Sowerby and Mrs Bullock. Miss Summers teaches Year 1 Holly and Ms Greaves teaches Year 1 Chestnut.

Information about what Year 1 will be learning can be found in our ‘Curriculum’ section and above under the Topic link.

West Lane Remember Them…

In the week leading up to Remembrance, our whole school participated in a remembrance project – where pupils decorated Winlaton community with pebbles (carefully designed and decorated by the children themselves, with the names of soldiers from World War 1 and 2) for residents to find!

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Year 1 ‘ava-tar-ific’ time in computing!

In computing lessons with Miss Westgarth, Year 1 have been continuing to use ‘Purple Mash’ – creating their own avatar’s, as part of their learning and understanding about the idea of ‘ownership’ of work online and online safety.

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Harvest Festival singing! Our whole school perfoms!

This week, Mrs Nugent and Miss Grayson held an very informative whole school assembly to celebrate ‘Harvest’ time. They talked to us about the meaning of Harvest at this special time of year and encouraged us all to think about others who are less fortunate than ourselves – to give thanks for all the things we have…

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Year 1 ask explore the question ‘Is all the world the same?’…

Year 1 have been discussing God and the creation of the world – asking the question ‘Is all the world the same?’ The children initially thought that all children in the world live in similar circumstances to themselves, however after they had watched a video of children in the Third World, Year 1 Chestnut were shocked at what they saw…  

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Year 1 ‘mash’ their way through coding!

In Computing lessons with Miss Westgarth, Year 1 have been developing their coding skills – learning how to use and read through combined blocks of code, using the ‘Purple Mash 2Code’ program.
Some pupils were so confident with their coding skills, that they were even able to ‘debug’ some of the more challenging and complex coding activities – demonstrating their skills to the rest of the class…

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Year 1 develop a ‘bird’s eye view!’

This week Year 1 have been focusing on using their fieldwork skills, to investigate how a map is created. We used viewfinders to look at 4 different viewpoints: Bird’s eye view; Insect view; View from below and Framing picture view…

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