RECEPTION R Hazel and R Willow

R Hazel - Miss Grayson and R Willow - Mrs Nugent, with support from Miss Walmsley.
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Sports Day – Hazel

What a fabulous morning we had at Sports Day. All children showed a can do attitude and worked wonderfully as teams. We all had lots of fun.

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Forest School Fun

This week, we had the pleasure of going up to Forest School with Miss Summers and Miss Greaves. We began by listening to a story called 'The Snail Trail'. We the collected different items from around the Forest. We had to find a stick that was longer than our arms,...

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The Ugly Duckling

Today, Reception had a drama workshop all about 'The Ugly Duckling' and they had so much fun. They became immersed within the story and the characters and had lots of fun whilst doing so. We pulled our best 'Ugly Duckling' faces and we found this part very funny. . We...

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The case of the missing teddy

This week has been very eventful for Reception. Miss Grayson had brought her teddy in to share with her class and he suddenly disappeared. A lot of clues led up to where he was and it turns out he had went for a trip to the cinema. We hope he enjoyed it! We then...

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Reception were invited to visit Winlaton library to celebrate Elmer day. The librarian read us a Elmer stories, we sang songs and even had a sweet treat after the story. Over the past few weeks, we have used the Elmer stories in all sorts of ways. We have written...

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Double trouble

This week, Hazel have been learning how to double and half and we're so good at this! To help us with our halving skills, we made some of the most delicious pizzas. The best part was definitely taste testing them. Don't they look delicious? We've also enjoyed learning...

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Knights and Castles

We have really enjoyed our most recent topic based around Castles. We've enjoyed role playing. We've also enjoyed making shields in the craft area. We then used them within our play. Don't they look great? We've had so much fun this half term!

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The Princess and the Wizard

As part of our prince and princess theme, reception have been reading lots of fairy stories. One of the stories we have read is called The princess and the wizard. Through this story, we have done amazing writing, solved tricky problems, acted out stories and this...

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Reception are seeing double!

Reception have been trying really hard in maths this week. We have been learning our doubles. Some of us have drawn spots to help us to remember and some of us have use playdoh to create our doubles. Great work, reception!

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Crazy Caterpillars

We have thoroughly enjoyed having our crazy caterpillars in the classroom this week. We can't believe how much they have grown! We've enjoyed watching them grow and change. Using the threading tools, we made our own Hungry Caterpillars and created repeated patterns....

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Creepy visitors in Reception

Reception received an exciting box yesterday, it said ' Urgent! Open Immediately!' We asked the children what they thought might be inside. "It looked like a toy car." "We had to open it up quickly.". " I could see caterpillars. They were wriggling!"   " They...

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Winlaton visit Washington Wetlands

Reception had a fantastic time visiting Washington Wetlands. One of the most exciting parts was the journey on the bus! Once we got off the bus, we then took turns to feed the birds and go on a hunt for different insects. We found lots of creepy crawlies and even made...

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