RECEPTION R Hazel and R Willow

R Hazel - Miss Grayson and R Willow - Mrs Nugent, with support from Miss Walmsley.
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Creepy visitors in reception

Reception received an exciting box yesterday, it said ' Urgent! Open Immediately!' We asked the children what they thought might be inside. "It looked like a toy car." said Ashton  "We had to open it up quickly," said Alexis. " I could see caterpillars. They were...

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Winlaton visit Washington Wetlands

Reception had a fantastic time visiting Washington Wetlands. One of the most exciting parts was the journey on the bus! Once we got off the bus, we then took turns to feed the birds and go on a hunt for different insects. We found lots of creepy crawlies and even made...

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What a Wonderful World Book Day!

Here at West Lane, we love book all year round and we love reading EVERY day, not just World Book Day! However, this special celebration of stories is a great chance to share our favourite stories and ideas with our friends and share the buzz about books that we have...

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Marvellous Minibeasts

Hazel have had a very busy week. We have all settled into our new classroom so well. Look at how much fun we've had!  We have also been exploring insects and their habitats. We have made our own paper plate ladybirds. We're very much looking forward to our trip next...

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Calling all Creative Writers!

Are you an aspiring author? Do you have an incredible idea for a gripping narrative? Do you really just love writing stories? Well, this is your invitation to a wide world of imagination: enter the 500 Words competition by following this link!  What is 500 Words? The...

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Phonics stay and play

Reception had so much fun when their parents/carers came in to watch them do phonics. We then shared some time playing phonics games. Thank you to everyone that came. We look forward to the next session.

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Little Red Riding Hood

This week, Reception have been reading 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We have had so much fun! We've made cakes to help Granny feel better. Don't they look delicious? We've made maps to help us get to Granny's house. We've enjoyed acting out the story. We even managed to...

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Jack and the Beanstalk

In reception, we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have had so much fun doing lots of activities based around the story. We have painted beanstalks, made beanstalks with playdoh and even planted beans!

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West Lane Remember Them…

In the week leading up to Remembrance, our whole school participated in a remembrance project – where pupils decorated Winlaton community with pebbles (carefully designed and decorated by the children themselves, with the names of soldiers from World War 1 and 2) for residents to find!

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Reception celebrate Diwali…

Reception have been learning all about Diwali this week. They have listened to the story of Rama and Sita. They have then explored Rangoli patterns. They ventured up to Forest School to collect their own natural resources and created their own Rangoli patterns on their carpets.

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Reception explore the number 6…

This week, Reception have been focusing on the number six. We have explored making it on a ten frame. We have also used the ‘Part Part Model’ to find all of the different ways to make six. We’re getting so good at this!

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Reception ‘listen’ at Forest School…

This week Reception have enjoyed going on a listening walk up to Forest School. They listened to all of the environmental sounds which they could hear and used their phonic knowledge to write down these sounds. They also enjoyed looking at all of the mini beasts and...

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