N Berries: Mrs Pattison (Mon - Wed), Mrs Akroyd (Wed - Fri) supported by Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Herworth
Nursery Topic Web

West Lane Remember Them…

In the week leading up to Remembrance, our whole school participated in a remembrance project – where pupils decorated Winlaton community with pebbles (carefully designed and decorated by the children themselves, with the names of soldiers from World War 1 and 2) for residents to find!

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Nursery picnic with the teddy bears!

Linked to our story of the week ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’, the children brought in their own teddy bears to try some tasty porridge. They enjoyed talking about their own teddy bear in circle time – developing their listening skills.

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Topic Webs…

To see what your child will be learning about this Autumn term, please check out our individual year group ‘Topic Webs’ in the links on this page…

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Nursery play and stay!

Our nursery new starters had a great time this week, choosing areas to play inside and outside with their parents at our ‘play and stay’ session! We look forward to seeing you all in September!

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Nursery head down to Hall Hill Farm!

What fun we all had last week at Hall Hill farm! From feeding the lambs to holding the chicks, the children all had great time learning about all the different farm animals. We went on a tractor ride, held the rabbits and guinea pigs, fed the sheep and goats and had fun in the soft play. Take a look at our photo slide show to see how much fun we all had!

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Nursery Fly Away!

This week in Nursery, we have been learning all about ‘Transport’. The children have been really interested in making paper aeroplane and enjoyed decorating their own aeroplane – flying them outside to see whose could go the furthest!

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