Reciting Poetry in Year 1 and Year 5!

One of our favourite English objectives is learning poems by heart and reciting them! This week, Year 1 and 5 have both learned poems by heart and performed them. We recorded them so that we could share them with you. We are so proud of how well they turned out!...

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Year 6 are fluent with fractions!

This week, year 6 have been learning how to calculate with fractions, integers and mixed numbers. To revise this concept, we went on a fractions hunt! We have also been recapping how to simplify fractions, so - to try and catch us out - Mrs Bell and Mrs Young had...

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West Lane Remember Them…

In the week leading up to Remembrance, our whole school participated in a remembrance project – where pupils decorated Winlaton community with pebbles (carefully designed and decorated by the children themselves, with the names of soldiers from World War 1 and 2) for residents to find!

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Year 4 freeze frame Rama and Sita!

This week, as part of their learning about Hinduism and the ‘Festival of Light’ Diwali, Year 4 took part in a fantastic dance workshop – facilitated by a very knowledgeable and motivational dance instructor Josh! Take a look at how much fun we all had with our dance moves!

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Reception celebrate Diwali…

Reception have been learning all about Diwali this week. They have listened to the story of Rama and Sita. They have then explored Rangoli patterns. They ventured up to Forest School to collect their own natural resources and created their own Rangoli patterns on their carpets.

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Year 5 explore Hinduism…

As part of our RE day this week, Year 5 children were welcomed into the classroom with the aromas of India! As we have been learning about Hindu festivals and how they are celebrated, we also cooked some Indian food, made Raksha Bandhan bracelets and Diwali lanterns. Wow! What an incredibly eventful day!

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Reception explore the number 6…

This week, Reception have been focusing on the number six. We have explored making it on a ten frame. We have also used the ‘Part Part Model’ to find all of the different ways to make six. We’re getting so good at this!

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Year 1 investigate the power of ten!

Last week year 1 investigated 2-digit numbers. We used lolly sticks to make numbers up to 30. We grouped the tens together to show the tens and ones in a number. We then moved onto using base 10 equipment to make numbers up to 99. The children could identify the tens and ones in a number really well!

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