On Wednesday 8th May, Year 3 went to the Rising Sun Country Park in Newcastle to experience life in the Stone Age. Despite the rainy weather, they had the most fantastic day filled with practical activities to demonstrate what it was like in 3000 BC.

The children had the opportunity to explore which materials, clothes and tools were likely to have been used during the Stone Age.

Also, the children imagined they were on a hunt and had to make a shelter to protect themselves from the elements.

After their shelter building, they got to experience what it was like to make flour from wheat. They threshed it first, which involved hitting the wheat with a wooden mallet in a sack to release the seeds.

Next, they used a technique called  winnowing.  This involved blowing on the grain to remove the chaff.

Finally, they used a stone to grind the seeds to make flour.

Once the children made flour, they went inside to make some Stone Age bread. The children mixed flour, water and salt to make flat bread. They then cooked it on the outdoor fire and drizzled honey on before having of a typical Stone Age snack.


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