Before our full English breakfast, we packed up our rooms and made sure we were dressed for the day. After breakfast, we walked down the 199 steps towards the pier for our boat ride. We boarded the Summer Queen and sailed out into North Sea to take in the sights of the coastline.

After 20 minutes on the boat, we boarded and ventured towards the beach. On the beach we ‘paddled’ and burried ourselves in the sand.Very wet and sandy, we explored the souvenir shops around Whitby before grabbing lunch.

After rushing around to get ready for the bus, we boarded and enjoyed a nap and our snacks.

The children’s behaviour across the two days was impeccable and they were a credit to the school. For most of the children, it was their first time away from home and we are incredibly proud of their resilience and independence. Well done Year 5 Birch and Lime!

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