On Monday 29th April, Year 5 took the long 2 hour journey by coach to Whitby. After learning about Dracula, we were lucky enough to be stopping right by the Abbey he was said to appear. When we arrived, we explored the wonderful YHA garden: we played hide and seek and football, became gymnasts and dancers and enjoyed the views of the village.

Later on in the afternoon, we set out to explore the sights and history of Whitby on our town trail. This involved walking down the famous 199 steps, exploring the graveyard and the beach and visiting famous sites like the whale bones. After the arduous journey back, through Dracula’s tunnel, we arrived back for our tea- yummy!

After tea, we spent time outside playing again in the YHA garden until 2 Viking’s visited us. They were speaking many different languages and were carrying Viking shields and axes. One Viking showed us how to create Viking formations out of shields to protect ourselves from enemies- or from teachers with beanbags. The second Viking explained Viking checkers and we played in groups of four.

After a very exciting but exhausting day had come to an end, we all attempted to have an early night so we were refreshed for the morning.

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