Here at West Lane, we love book all year round and we love reading EVERY day, not just World Book Day! However, this special celebration of stories is a great chance to share our favourite stories and ideas with our friends and share the buzz about books that we have in our class every week with our friends from other classes and year groups. The theme of World Book Day 2019 was “Share a Story” so here at West Lane we decided to have a theme of pyjamas and favourite bed time stories. We learned about new authors, travelled to new places, went on many adventures and discovered new stories and the voracious readers of West Lane can’t wait to get out and spend their book tokens as we start yet another fantastic 365 days of reading!

Read on to find out what a wonderful day we had!

We started the day with a special assembly led my Mrs Bell. There had been a very special delivery and every class received the very special gift of  a book which was all wrapped up! There were some clues on the wrapping about the story that was concealed within… Before we shared the story with out friends, we made predictions based on these clues and also discussed some of the tricky vocab that had been used.

In Nursery, we read the story of Zog by Julia Doanldson and Axel Scheffler. We made our own book marks using feathers and pompoms, decorated our own golden stars like Zog’s and coloured in our own friendly dragons.

In Reception Hazel read the story of The Bad-Tempered Lady Bird by Eric Carle. We then wrote about the ladybird and created our own ladybirds using paper plates. In Reception Willow, we read Spinderella by Julia Donaldson and used our maths skills to help her count all of her friends on her football team! There was 20 of them!


In Year 1, we created setting descriptions based on the book ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’ by Mairi Hedderwick. We were able to use adjectives and similes to describe human and physical geographical features on a map. In the afternoon, we re-created the map of Struay using symbols to represent the following landmarks: mountains, hills, village, church, river, sea and roads.

In Year 2 we explored two different books: Alba the Hundred-Year-Old Fish by Lara Hawthorne and Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. We used ‘Alba’ to investigate plastic pollution and wrote out own reports about this. We then used Julian Is a Mermaid to create some excellent artwork.

In Year 3, we read ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ as told by A. Wolf. We used pastels and charcoals to design our own book covers. We can’t believe that poor Mr. Wolf was known as the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ just because of a sneeze and a free lunch!

In Year 4, we based out work around the classic novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by CS Lewis. As well as some amazing descriptive writing, we also created some excellent Narnia-inspired artwork.

In Year 5, we read some non-fiction: ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ by William Kamkwamba, We used the story of a boy who makes his own wind turbine to supply electricity for his community in Malawi. We wrote an extended metaphor to describe the windmill and did some PSHCE where we debated and discussed the difference between a right and a privilege. In the afternoon we did some DT to make our own wind turbines.

In Year 6, we shared The Viewer by Shaun Tan and Gary Crew and wrote our own paragraphs to create an eerie atmosphere for the reader, focusing on the use of figurative language and having a conscious control over our vocabulary and grammatical choices. The layout of the book presents work in circles and spirals, and we enjoyed redrafting our work in this unusual style. In the afternoon, we did some fantastic artwork inspired by the images in the book, focusing on eyes, mechanisms and the use of circles.


After school, we invited our parents and carers to stay and read! It was so much fun to share a story together in school!

What a wonderful World Book Day we had!

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