In Literacy, Year 6 have been looking at persuasion. We have been learning persuasive techniques, and the difference between when formal or informal language choice are appropriate. This has meant thinking carefully about audience: when we wrote persuasive letters to our MP, Liz Twist, to request improvements in Winlaton’s recycling facilities, we were sure to use formal language. However, then we made persuasive leaflets all about the impact and effects of plastic pollution that were aimed at children our age and teenagers, we decided formal language wouldn’t be appropriate here, so we used a range of more informal features.

In topic this afternoon, we combined our redrafting skills and our art skills to produce a final copy of our persuasive leaflets. We are thinking carefully about what edits and improvements to include based on our feedback from each other and from Mrs Bell.

We researched images that we might want to include on our iPads, and made the authorial decision that cartoony pictures would appeal more to our leaflets’ target audience and would compliment the informal style we have chosen to use to address this audience. Furthermore, we used our art skills to copy and create images and pictures. We can’t wait to share the finished products with you!


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