This week has been anti-bullying week and we decided here at West Lane to mark the week by learning about other faiths and cultures and how important it is to have tolerance of others, even if their beliefs are different to ours. The theme of Anti-Bullying Week this year was RESPECT, and we linked that to bullying in general, but also to the idea of Faith.

Each class was assigned a letter and a corresponding theme to research

Respect. Year 2 focused on how we can respect and be tolerant of other people’s religions. We enjoyed a visit from Miss Singh who shared some information about her faith with us.

Everyone is the same. Year 5 investigated what different religions have in common – even though there are different beliefs, there are some aspects of some religions that are the same. It was really interesting to compare and contrast ideas. We enjoyed discussing similarities between Sikhism and Christianity with Cloud from the North East Sikhism Service.

Stereotypes. Year 6 researched how dangerous it is to stereotype people because of their religion. We looked at the views of Hitler and the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany and how discrimination and stereotyping of people of this face led to disastrous consequences. As well as this, we enjoyed a visit from Cloud from the North East Sikhism Service. We asked him lots of questions about his religions and traditions, and he helped us to break some of the stereotypes that some of us had about Sikhism.

Proud. Year 3 learned about being proud of who you are and what you choose to believe. We thought about what makes us who we are and how religion and spirituality can play a  role in that.

Every is different. Year 1 looked and how other religions have different clothes, festivals and holy books. They enjoyed learning the difference between different religions.

Choice. Year 4 discussed which religion they would choose and why; they researched different religions and debated which aspects of each religion they would choose or not choose. They enjoyed talking to Mr Boyd about his Christian faith.]


Traditions. Reception looked at different traditions and festivals. They also looked at the tradition of Catholics using Rosary beads to pray and made their own. Mrs Bullock came into class to talk about her Catholic faith and it was so interesting!

School Parliament visited the Sikh Gurdwara with Mrs Nugent and Mrs Tetley.

They learned about how to be respectful of Sikh traditions and we were made to feel incredibly welcome by the wonderful people there – they even gave us food! Dale in Year 6 said that it was the best trip he’s ever been on as everyone was so kind and friendly, and he loved learning about a different culture to his own!


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