In PE with Miss Westgarth this half-term, Year 4 have had great fun learning how to play Tag Rugby – developing their skills in passing, defending and attacking; alongside their decision-making and team working! 


We have learnt how to tag another player (remove tag, hold in the air and shout tag and then return to the owner within 3 seconds); how to pass a rugby ball to another team member (always passing backwards and ensuring that the person with the ball is in front of others in the same team); how to score a try, without being tagged along the way (2 hands on the ball at all times, heads up whilst running and with an awareness of the space around us) and how to move with the ball (working as a team to support one another).


Over the next few weeks, we will be developing our tag rugby skills further – refining our attacking and defending, developing our game tactics and applying everything we have learnt to a competitive game environment!

Well done Year 4!

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