Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous trip to the ISKON Hindu Temple, Newcastle today!

We were greeted by our wonderful host (and temple leader) Kirtida and enjoyed a fabulous day where we: dressed up in traditional Indian / Hindu costumes and clothing; listened to Kirtida singing and playing some music on her clay drum; practised some Indian / Hindu dance movements; learnt some more about Hindu beliefs and religious practices – such as Diwali and Puja worship; explored some religious artefacts, Murti’s (Hindu god / goddess dolls) and Deities; tasted some traditional Indian food made from Pira cheese, vegetable curry, bread baked in oil, basmati rice and (of course!) ICE CREAM!


Please take a look at our phot slideshow, to see what an amazing time we all had! 

Feel free to leave a comment for us to let us know what you / your child thought of this trip – we would love to hear from you! 🙂


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