On Thursday, as part of our topic work, Year 1 went to Alnwick Castle. It was amazing!

Year 1 Chestnut took part in a ‘Magical Tales’ workshop, where we made wands out of phoenix feathers and fairy string. After this, we learnt a magical spell (Look out for a video of our spell-making – which will be following this post soon!) – ‘EGGY EGGY F-TANG F-TANG WOOOO!’ – to help us get out out of tricky situations! We then used our spell to shrink a giant, make a sword sharp and create water in a bucket.

After eating our lunch in the Bailey – where we could see the curtain wall and battlements which were once used to protect the keep – we went inside the Keep area of the castle, to look at the library and Great Hall. The children impressed staff members with their knowledge of Alnwick Castle – we even made information booklets for them to keep! We were very respectful of the historical furniture and remained quiet, so that other people could appreciate the castle atmosphere.

Meanwhile…Year 1 Holly took part in a ‘Knights and Castles’ workshop – where we re-enacted a real battle and learnt all about the armour worn by knights in medieval times. We even got to hold some chainmail and swords etc! We then split into 2 groups – England versus Scotland. We had a real battle and learned all about what used to happen when a castle was invaded.

After our lunch in the Bailey, we then explored the castle. We had great fun examining the cannons! We loved looking at the elaborate furniture, including the chandeliers in the castle.


Well done Year 1 – what a fantastic day!



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