Last Friday a group of West Lane pupils went to Hull to see our new classrooms being built. We got to see and walk around in some of the units that will eventually be brought to West Lane and fastened together to make the new building. We had a fantastic welcome from Eco Modular who are building our new classrooms. They made a boardroom for our children with places at the table, name plates and our own hard hats, hi-viz vests and earplugs and safety glasses which we got to keep! First they told us all about the technology they use to build our classrooms. We had to pay close attention because there was going to be a quiz later. We then did a exercise to see how we would build a school project – we each had a different project and we had to suggest how to build or rebuild the school.

Then we began our tour. They showed us where they record really good and really bad work on the Wall of Fame and the Wall of Shame.

Then they showed us how the units go together.

After that we moved on to some of our own units. It was really strange because there are the very classrooms that will come to West Lane.

They explained how each room is engineered to be isolated from the classrooms next door in terms of vibration and of sound. This is to make sure what one class is doing does not disturb the class next door. To test how well the floor resists vibration we had to jump around whilst they took measurements to show how much vibration was being created.

Some of the staff then moved to the other side of the glass to see how much sound passed through. We made as much noise as we could and it was recorded. The measuring app told us how loud we were – one of us was as loud as a drill and two more of us as loud as a chainsaw!

After that we used a virtual reality headset to look around the classroom as it has been designed. We put the headset on and it showed all the details as if were standing in the real thing!


We moved on to see how the floors, walls and roof units were all made separately in a woodwork workshop.

We were also able to see the exterior panels that will be fitted. These are the colours and the layout of the panels that will be used on our new classrooms.

We were then shown how the units were moved around using machines and forklift trucks.

Then we went back to the boadroom. Eco made a fantastic scale model of the build with pieces of the model to match exactly the units being built. We had to assemble the model using only the real plans that they use when building the real thing.

After we  finished, they gave us the plans and the model! Hopefully we can set it up so people can see what it will look like. When everything is finished we can then use the model as a Bug Hotel to help bees and other insects on our school site.

After that we had lunch and then a quiz where we had to answer questions on all the things we saw in the factory, including a sound quiz where we had to identify different tools and vehicles just from the noises they made.

It was a long way – 3 hours to get there and 4 hours to get back – but it was a thrilling visit and we’re so glad we went. Many thanks to our friends at Eco Modular in Hull.

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