Year 2 have been exploring 2-D shapes this half-term – identifying, sorting and classifying them according to their different ‘properties’  whilst also using correct mathematical vocabulary to describe them – vertices, sides, equal sides, parallel lines etc. The children worked in pairs / groups to decide themselves how they would sort their piles of 2-D shapes.

Here are some of the comments made by the children, explaining the different ways in which they sorted their shapes…

“We sorted our shapes by their families – into quadrilaterals, circles and triangles. But we found the hexagon and pentagon shapes didn’t fit into any of these family groups, so they were a family on their own!” – Ben, Jake and Jessica.

“We ordered our shapes first by the number of sides they had. Then we grouped them into piles of 2,3,4,5 and 6 sided shapes.” – Joshua, Neave, Jacob and Ava.

“We sorted our shapes by more than / less than 4 sides.” – Patrick, Bayleigh, Georgia, Naomi and Serena.

“We sorted our shapes by the ones with / without any vertices.” – Charlie.

“We sorted our shapes by those with 4 vertices / less than 4 vertices.” – Max and Patrick.

“We ordered our shapes from the smallest to the biggest, but we found this tricky!” – Jake F, Louie and Lily-Mae.

“We sorted by quadrilateral / non-quadrilaterals.” – Jack, Luke, Harry, Ella and Reese.

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