This week in Year 1, we have been exploring TEETH! 

We borrowed some animal teeth from the Hancock (Great North) Museum and looked at teeth from: a Great White Shark; a mammoth (18 thousand years old!); a Baryonyx dinosaur; an Iguanadon dinosaur; a horse; a sheep; and a Sabre -Toothed Tiger! Bobby also brought in some shark teeth that he had found on a beach!

We looked at human teeth and talked about the functions of our canines and molars. We then used the animal teeth to determine whether animals were carnivores or herbivores and found that carnivores mainly have pointy canine teeth (perfect for ripping meat) and herbivores mainly have flat molar teeth (perfect for grinding grass and leaves).

Finally, we read the book ‘What if I had animal teeth?’ and talked about what might happen if animal teeth grew in place of ours! 

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