This week we had a visit from Gillian – who works for an organisation called’Out-Reach Within Parliament’.

We took part in workshops based around democracy, making laws and campaigning for change.

Year Five, Birch, took part in a ‘making laws’ workshop – which involved making our own bill, and having a debate to see whether these laws could be passed within our mini parliament. Some of the laws we came up with were:

– To have healthy school lunches, this was not passed, because we decided not all schools would obey!
– To ban pubs and alcohol. This  was changed within our debate to children not being inside pubs whilst adults are drinking alcohol.
– No under 30’s should smoke. This would have been passed; if we decided that all people shouldn’t smoke.
– New equipment law. This was passed because it will give people more equipment in hospitals and schools and would come out of our taxes.

Year 5 Lime, looked at campaigning for change – deciding what they would change if they were part of parliament and why. They thought we could change a number of issues such as:

– Animal cruelty
– School times
– Plastic bag laws.
– Saving our environment by using less paper.

Fantastic debating by Year Five, with some very sensible ideas and suggestions. Overall, we came up with some really fantastic ideas and we think that we may have some mini prime minsters in the making!

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