Yesterday, Year 3 enjoyed their much awaited and anticipated trip to Path Head Water Mill in Blaydon!

The children followed up their visit, by writing some fabulous recounts (showing off their amazing vocabulary). We hope you enjoy reading some of their excerpts below and learning about how much fun the children all had…


“Yesterday, we travelled to Path Head Mill. On our way off of the bus, we passed the diver with a smirk on our faces because there was a vivid bin with a funny picture on it. We walked very slowly down the country lane because we didn’t want to fall and hurt ourselves.” – Dan

“Thirty seconds later, we had a jolly look around with our strange tour guide, Trevor who showed us the out of date water wheel. I t was epic! The sluice gate allowed lots of water to rapidly race through onto the wheel and that’s how it worked. The water didn’t look very deep but you never know!” – Dylan

“After that, all of us split into our already chosen, tiny groups. My favourite part of the day was sketching the fantastic, mind blowing water wheel that powered the mill so that it could grind wheat into flour in the olden days. How fun it was! It was an extravaganza of a day. We also made miniature water wheels in groups of three.” – Layla Grace

“Next, we were met by a man called Trevor. Now, I just need to tell you that he was incredibly weird. He though that Jack was a tiny, miniature and cute lamb! Anyway, first we saw an enormous waterwheel and my class got to see it work! Firstly, a ton of water loaded the whole stream, then the water slowly started to make the wheel shake from side to side, ta dah! The wheel started to turn around, making the water bubble and boil.” – Elizabeth

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