This week in Reception, we have learned a new sound in Phonics ‘TH.’ We looked at how these two letters (when put together) produces two sounds which are very similar – in words such as ‘that’ and ‘this’ we say it louder, whereas in words like ‘moth’ and ‘thin’ the letters “TH” are pronounced softer.

In group reading this week, we have looked at a different reading book – other than the one the children bring home. This has enabled us to become more confident and to share the story with our friends. Each afternoon, we continue to practice our handwriting – writing sentences to build on our daily phonics session. Each day we choose a word of the day and challenge ourselves to find out what the word means – we have had some great suggestions from the children such as, ‘Brilliant’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Amazing’ and ‘Kindness’.

In Maths, we have been continuing numbers to ten. In group activity, the children have loved taking on the role of a teacher and holding up number cards to ten whilst their friends try to identify and make that number with cubes. We have also been looking at shapes.

On Thursday afternoon (as it was so cold and snowy) we decided to warm up and make some toast. We all wrote what we would like on our toast and were very independent spreading our butter and jam onto the toast. It was delicious and we even let Miss Grayson have some!

Finally, we have been developing our fine motor skills practising threading Cheerios on to a string- this strengthens all those muscles we need for writing!

Wow! What a busy week in Reception!

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